Svn checksum mismatch while updating expected

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Since it was the pulling the info back down that had problems I could, technically, just create a new checkout and all would be well.Fresh git checkouts can take a lot of time on large repos however – which this was not, thankfully.It's not immediately clear when you see that error which file specifically is causing the problem.I had to do some digging, but the db/revs directory in your repository is where to look.

= 4b825dc642cb6eb9a060e54bf8d69288fbee4904 rereading 388f4e6c99e98200e6f71d1bbba6526cf55f5442 Found possible branch point: Redesign/trunk = Redesign/branches/861203959-002_BRD_July_FY15, 85467 Found branch parent: (refs/remotes/861203959-002_BRD_July_FY15) 5837144ca00b23d87b08296a00a8a9f7855cf0e1 Index mismatch: 02cf8899a60db4aee8b00e4fb0d2ce5b9b84a0bc !I’ve had the fortune of being an early adopter for Git as a version control system.A part of this early adoption involves getting bleeding edge software to work alongside older, more decrepit software. If only visual studio in Parallels worked this well.Though downloading a new copy of this repository would have been trivial, it’s best to find a solution to these types of issues before working on big projects, when they becoming big problems.The solution I found @ stack overflow and was to do the following: ------------------------------------------------------------------------ r86026 | PROBABLE\| 2014-07-16 -0400 (Wed, ) | 1 line ------------------------------------------------------------------------ r86022 | PROBABLE\| 2014-07-16 -0400 (Wed, ) | 1 line ------------------------------------------------------------------------ r86018 | PROBABLE\| 2014-07-16 -0400 (Wed, ) | 1 line ------------------------------------------------------------------------ r86012 | PROBABLE\| 2014-07-16 -0400 (Wed, ) | 2 lines After this I was back to the seeing the latest changes svn had recorded for my check in. Web.csproj as a part of the commit which it should have been. Another error I happen to have come across is: According to the internets this seems to mean that git is being told about a file which has changed in SVN, BUT git has no record of the parent SVN commit in its repository history.

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